The Most Important Qualities To Seek When Recruiting Members For A Board Of Directors

A Board of Directors is a central managing group that oversees the overall financial stability and long-term viability of an organization, and though the number of members that a board is comprised of will depend on the company’s charter, recruiting for vacant positions is often complicated. Rather than just accepting anyone as a director, companies should be concerned with finding qualified leaders who have business acumen. Below is a look at the top three qualities to seek during a recruitment effort.

Previous Professional Experience

Individuals considered for a vacant position should be interviewed and screened in a manner that is similar to the hiring practices used for upper-level executives. Be sure to require a resume, which will list the work history of the individuals. Their experience should provide a unique insight and compliment the other members of the board, which will ensure that management will have access to the support needed when making critical business decisions.

Capital Funding

Many different opportunities may warrant a capital funding campaign, and directors that have experience raising money for expansion are crucial to attracting investors. Research the campaigns that they have worked for in the past and determine how much money they were able to help raise. This is an indicator of their ability to capitalize on a vision and proves that they have connections that may prove to be lucrative for the organization in the future.

Entrepreneurial Successes

Another quality to look for when recruiting a director is their experience as an entrepreneur. If a professional has started and sold businesses in the past, it is an indicator of their ability to lead and transform an idea into a viable commodity. Individuals with experience as an entrepreneur are the backbone of the economy and are leaders that have the drive and tenacity to enact change.

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